Self Warming Pet Bed

Our Mission

Pets are our best friends and therefore we are making it our mission to help your loved fur babies have the most comfortable sleep possible. The SleepyPets bed started in Australia before going worldwide, and is revolutionizing the importance placed on ensuring your pets are as comfortable as possible at all times.


How does the SleepPets bed improve your pets wellbeing?

Everyone needs a good nights sleep to thrive and be happy. As a lack of a comfortable sleep can lead to all kinds of problems. Therefore we wanted to make sure that your pets are as comfortable as possible throughout the nights and even during the day (when they need a little break).

The SleepyPets bed do this through its veterinarian approved self warming features, which allows your pets to be extra warm when they are in bed, especially during those winter days and nights, when they need extra warmth a normal pet beds can't provide. 

SleepyPets beds achieve this self warming feature through non electrical means to ensure a completely safe and durable bed that keeps your pets safe. To self warm the bed we use a heat-reflective thermal aluminium insert that reflects your pets body heat to warm the bed up. 

This feature also means that your bed is easily machine washable as you don't have to worry about an electric. As making our beds extremely lightweight and portable.